Monday, August 20, 2007

Those whose lives are closely linked with ours

I've often thought when we pray that particular form of the Prayers of the People ... "for those whose lives are closely linked with ours" ... that for all its downsides the internet has certainly made it easier to STAY linked with those whose lives take them out of our incarnational social orbit.

For example, this week I got this picture -- taken of my son Jamie when he was about 13 or 14 on our family sail boat -- emailed from Stephen -- a former parishioner from St. Clare's, Rancho Cucamonga -- who had caught back up with us via this blog.

Small world, eh? And great picture, Stephen. THANKS!

So take a minute today, won't you, to give thanks for those whose lives are closedly linked with yours even if they're far away? Give thanks for the internet that gives us the chance to catch up, check in, follow up. But most of all give thanks for the love of the One who created us in love and then called us to walk in love ... for, ultimately, that's what links us ALL as part of this Big Fat Human Family!

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