Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Here's the national radio campaign launching tomorrow from the "National Organization for Marriage" -- in response to Iowa and Vermont:

Click here to listen

Californians will recognize the same "messaging" that focus groups tell us was successful in the Prop 8 campaign: they're going to teach your children things you don't want them to know and you won't be able to stop them!

This is the messsage that "works" -- so this'll be the message they'll be getting out wherever they can. Never mind that ending marriage discrimination and giving equal protection to gay and lesbian families is the issue here -- that it has nothing to do with education or parental rights.

Do not -- I repeat -- DO NOT underestimate the capacity of those who believe they have sole possession the Absolute Truth to tell whatever lies they need to to acheive their goals.

We've had lots of good news this week but there are miles to go before we rest.


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

How very, and frighteningly true!

IT said...

I think we have to respond FORCIBLY to this nonsense that depriving GLBT civil rights is essential to protect theirs. And the best argument is the ROman Catholics, and their views of contraception and divorce, which are ignored by the broader culture but this in no way impinges on their ability to teach them!


Unknown said...

The bigots are going to slam us now; no doubt about it. We can't sit quietly by the way we did after the CA Supreme Court opinion last year or the result will be what it was for CA in November.