Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weathering the Storm

"The truth will set you free" seems to be the theme of the day! It started with the "outing" of the "men behind the curtain" in their continued effort to foment schism in The Episcopal Church.

And now here -- fresh off the YouTube hitlist -- is "Weathering the Storm" -- the video PSA debunking the lies in that awful "Gathering Storm" video the NOM folks put out (and everyone else is having so much fun doing paraodies of -- way to go Stephen Colbert!)

It was a GREAT privilege to be part of this video project. We shot it on SUNDAY AFTERNOON (yes, that would be like in three days ago!)... and now here it is -- ready to get the truth out!




hillsideslide said...

Great job!

Maria Turns 50 said...

Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing response. I was able to find out about you and your ministry, but I am unable to find out who the other two clergy leaders are that in the commercial. Do you know how I could find them? I am apart of a GLBT affirming Christian organization. Thanks!

Carl Smith
Special Events
The Evangelical Network

JimB said...

That is a good video. Now if only we can see it on cable and broadcast TV.


Brother David said...

This is equal or better quality to the NOM video. They claim that theirs cost US$1.5 million.

IT said...

Posted on Daily Kos


VERY cool ... it's up to 121,000 hits at the moment ... we're totally stoked by the response

Brother David said...

I posted it at OCICBOV... yesterday. It will not get as many hits there.

When it is viewed embedded at another blog does it get counted back at YouTube?