Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hate Crimes Heat Up on The Hill

This "just in" from the HRC folks:

This week, the right-wing Traditional Values Coalition blanketed Congress with a "fact sheet" saying the Matthew Shepard Act would protect "bizarre sexual orientations" like bestiality and necrophilia.

Once again, facts have nothing to do with it. Dozens of states have hate crime laws, and none get into this nonsense.

But these arguments can make even supportive members of Congress uneasy about voting for the bill – and we've heard repeatedly that right-wing groups have been FLOODING Congress with calls.

Please call your representative's office today! It will make a huge difference, and it only takes about one minute:

Click here to find the phone number ...

Tell the staff member answering the phone where you're calling from, and that you'd like to urge Representative [Fill in the Blank] to work hard to pass the Matthew Shepard Act next week.

I just did it. It LITERALLY took two minutes. Please take the time to add your voice because if we're silent now, the radical right will continue to use their lies to deny LGBT equality – and so many other priorities, from marriage equality to workplace protections, will be in jeopardy. Because if we lose now, regaining our momentum will be that much harder.

We can't let the voices of hate and bigotry drown us out. We need you to pick up the phone – make one simple call – and speak up for fairness and equality.

Thanks so much for all your help.

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