Saturday, April 18, 2009

Reading Assignment:

Tobias Haller's "Reasonable and Holy" ... coming soon to a bookstore near you!

You can pre-order online at Church Publishing -- where you'll also find this description:

Reasonable and Holy addresses the conflict over homosexuality within the Anglican tradition, demonstrating that the church is able to provide for and support faithful and loving relationships between persons of the same sex, not as a departure from that tradition, but as a reasonable extension of it.

It offers a carefully argued, but accessible means of engagement with Scripture, the Jewish and Christian traditions, and the use of reason in dealing with the experience and lives of fellow-Christians. Unlike most reflections on the topic of homosexuality, Reasonable and Holy examines same-sex relationships through the lens of the traditional teaching on the “ends” or “goods” of marriage: procreation, union, the upbuilding of society, the symbolic representation of Christ and the Church, and the now often unmentioned “remedy for fornication.” Throughout, it responds to objections based on reason, tradition and Scripture.
. has a "take a peek" feature enabled here ... and there's already a "Reasonable and Holy" blogspot set up ready to go.
So consider this a "reading assignment" to get ready for General Convention 2009. The work we have ahead of us ... the challenge AND opportunity we're going to embrace in Ahaheim ... is to reject the false "either/or" choice between justice and unity and the WAY we're going to do that is to plant our feet, our arguments, our strategy, our messaging and our theology firmly on the bedrock of classical Anglicanism -- and this book is part of your homework!
Ready, Set, READ!


Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Hey, Susan, Thanks for the plug! I didn't know about Amazon's take a peak feature... wonder if they'll try to "enkindle" it?
Thanks a million, and hope you enjoy it. Peace and Easter Joy,

JimB said...

My only concern is that someone still thinks the 'listening process' has any life. The negative side never had any intention of listening to anything.

I added the book to my wish list. Looking forward to it.


Unknown said...

Well, the "negative side" has really taken themselves out of the conversation, that is, if they were ever in the conversation in the first place. The listening process, or perhaps better, listening-reception-discernment process, still continues and is important for those who might be on the fence or for those who might not fully agree with same-sex blessings, openly gay clergy, etc., but can at least live with that in the church.


JCF said...

If I may be so bold: if we are (to borrow Tobias's sub-title) to be "engaging same-sexuality" now, then after GC, I hope we'll be marrying it?


Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Congrats to JCF for recognizing the pun in the subtitle! It's been a very long engagement, hasn't it... But wedding bells will be ringing, for sure, "soon and very soon."