Sunday, October 09, 2011

Family Values: Exhibit A

This photo will be on light post banners in parts of L.A. as part of the "Raise A Child" campaign encouraging gay men to start families, starting this week. Look for the Hebert-Mapa family hovering above your sidewalks!
SO proud of this fabulous family stepping out to show what Family Values in Action look like -- and illustrating why we need a Protect Family Values movement that Protects & Values ALL Families!

Members here at All Saints Church in Pasadena, you can read how Jamie & Alec found us in this blast-from-the-past 2008 blog -- once again making my case that the mission of the church should be to work more on strategies to draw people to us by preaching the inclusive love of God and worry less about who might leave because they don't approve of who else is on God's guest list.


swac said...

That picture is a sharp contrast to the picture being shown on this site-
They are showing a photo-shopped picture of monkeys wearing mitres.
There must be an explanation.


Not seeing the photo in question, swac ... maybe they took it down.

swac said...

The picture is not displayed but there is a link to this-

swac said...

Here is the comment line- Sinner
October 9, 2011
Nobody wants or needs to “put the Episcopal church our of business”

Well other than God, Christ, and ever true Christian man or woman in the world.

how did the “gorillas in mitres” photo go down when the Presiding Bishop was described herself as a Primate?

It was of course a collection of overwhelmingly black primates in that –
racist photo

Of course, if ECUSA policed liberals with even one tenth of the severity they police Christians, Russell would have been defrocked.


Ah yes ... and it was, in point of fact, an illustration to a comment Archbishop Ndungane once made that the difference between a monkey and a Primate is that monkeys cannot make Primates of themselves.

As I said at the time: if the mitre fits, wear it!

susanbrown1 said...

Jamie and Alec adopted a dog that Jan's roommate decided he did not want; they are friends of an animal-loving fellow Eagle Rockian who just knew they needed "Sweetpea". They were looking for a church, and ready to create a family, and Jan recommended All Saints. Which goes to show you that God often works in doggy ways. What a great picture of a beautiful family.

swac said...

That is a fine looking family.
Thank you for your explanation. about the photo. For what it's worth I defended you but on that site they see what they want to see.


For what it's worth you're wasting your breath with that bunch but thanks anyway.