Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TEC Executive Council steps up and says "thanks but no thanks" to proposed Anglican Covenant

Today is a staff inservice day for us so will have limited time online ... but I did want to get this good news from the just completed meeting of our Executive Council -- where they voted to:
...submit to convention a resolution on adoption of the Anglican Covenant that would have convention express "its profound gratitude to those who so faithfully worked at producing the Anglican Covenant"; commit the church to "continued participation in the wider councils of the Anglican Communion and to continued dialogue with our brothers and sisters in other provinces to deepen understanding and to insure the continued integrity of the Anglican Communion"; recommit the church to "dialogue with the several provinces when adopting innovations which may be seen as threatening to the unity of the communion"; and state that "the Episcopal Church is unable to adopt the Anglican Covenant in its present form"
Read the rest over at Episcopal Cafe. (Bravo!)

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