Friday, August 01, 2008


... years ago today I began my work at All Saints Church as the Executive Director of Claiming the Blessing. (See also: Time flies when you're having fun!)


Jim said...

As hard as it is to realize that it's been six years that you've been at All Saints, it's also nearly impossible to remember you being at St. Peter's, San Pedro. That seems like another lifetime ago. I'm so glad it happened the way it did (I'm remembering a certain breakfast with the rector at the Doubletree where it all sort of started to come together). Happy Anniversary!

Love, Jim

caminitokaren said...

And we are blessed to have such a towering activist as you. May the peace of the lord be with you as you finish up in England and on to Minnesota. I am sure the seeds of your activism were passed down from your mother. Have a safe journey and see you in church. Karen Carlson

Gerti Reagan Garner said...

I'm glad you've had fun. We've been blessed by your quick wit, facility with words, important work in the world and, important for me always, the blessing you give when you close a Eucharist. Happy Anniversary!

Dave said...

And we at All Saints have been so much the richer for it!

Happy Anniversary!

-- Dave F.

JimB said...

Happy Anniversary! You serve a very lucky parish.