Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Lambeth Spin Cycle begins ...

Already over on Titusonenine, the spin-meisters are working to turn the "Lambeth Reflections" into the "Lambeth Agreements."

Check it out here ... as Kendall responds to the Bishop of Lichfield's blog stating:

The bishops of the Anglican Communion will this afternoon agree a way forward which they hope will heal the divisions within the Communion ... bishops are calling for a suspension of Episcopal ordinations of partnered homosexual people; the blessing of same-sex unions; and cross-border incursions by bishops - where conservative parishes at odds with the liberal direction of their own diocese seek support and alternative Episcopal oversight from bishops in more conservative countries. The bishops are also calling for a new global Pastoral Forum which could intervene in disputes to be set up ‘speedily’ ...

Is that what the bishops will do this afternoon? It remains to be seen what the final outcome is ... but - as I suggested in my comment on Kendall's site a few minutes ago --

For the bishops to agree that the reflection document accurately represents the statements made in the course of the Indaba process is not for the bishops to agree that the conclusions of some ... even a majority of “some” ... creates a mandate for all.

There is work left for the bishops to do here at Canterbury today ... but at the end of the day, if the Archbishop of Canterbury gets what he wanted (and it looks like he will), a Lambeth Conference of reflection rather than resolution is going to leave us on August 4 precisely where we were on July 16 ... without the Lambeth Conference Sword of Damocles hanging over the Episcopal Church.
At least I hope that's what the end of this seemingly "Neverending Lambeth Story" will be. Stay tuned.


kendall said...

Please let the record show that this "spin" is not mine but that of the writer or writers of the press release from the diocese of Lichfield.

Also, as we know, as of now, whatever is to happen finally has not occurred yet.


Kendall ... duly noted.

Caminante said...

From what I read, it is only the consecration of bishops, not ordination to the diaconate or presbyterate, of LGBTs that should be suspended. Please correct me if I am misunderstanding this point.