Wednesday, August 06, 2008

There's no place like home ...

I've been home just about long enough now to know for sure what time zone I'm in. I've had a chance to fuss over the dog and cats -- who missed us very much but LOVED our fabulous house sitter -- and to throw out the bazillion catalogues that came in the mail at home.

I'm just finishing up my second day in the office and have plowed through the snail mail, deleted TONS of junk email, signed off on liturgies through August and started on staffing for September.

I've celebrated Eucharist twice at the 12:10 service in the All Saints Church chapel ... deeply aware of the enormous privilege of being a presbyter in the Church of God in general and of serving this particular Church of God in particular.

I've gotten started on my sermon for Sunday ... "Walking on Water." And I talked with the pastor at my mother's church in Minnesota about the memorial service we're putting together for next Tuesday. And I worked on the liturgy for the wedding I'm doing on Friday for two fabulous men who shared with me they cried their eyes out when they got their rings this week and it "sank in " that they were REALLY getting MARRIED!!

The website still isn't up to date and I'm behind on my part of the ojectives for the Strategic Plan and I haven't even thought about an agenda for the September Integrity Board meeting ...

and ...

There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
There's TOTALLY no place like home!


D. Andy Olivo said...

Glad that you made it back to the states safely Mother Susan!

Jane R said...

Godde bless the men who are getting married. Tell them there are allies rejoicing with them in the power of the Spirit!

DerekMcKernan said...

Deo gratia! I'm so glad you're back! Looking forward to "Walking On Water" this Sunday.

susankay said...

Susan -- welcome home -- odd to say from a woman from Colorado who is briefly in
New Mexico about to head to Ecuador. But I SO know how you feel
(especially about the junk mail ) Sort of like getting into comfortable shoes again.

Be well. Be very well.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

"There's totally no place like home."

Ain't that the truth, sister! Even with the bazillion details to chase before I leave for a much needed vacation, I am so very happy to be 'here' where its 2008 and not 'there' where, as Bette Middler says, 'it's always 1950'.