Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OK ... I'm probably a little biased. (Well, probably there's no "probably" about it ...) But what a TOTAL home run Hillary hit last night with her speech at the Democratic National Convention!!

If by some chance you missed it, CNN has it on video here ...

You Go, Girl!!!


Pat Klemme said...

My hostess at my vacation retreat noted something I missed. Hillary was there as a proud mother, proud Democrat, proud senator, proud American, and proud supporter of Barack Obama. Didn't she leave out one point of pride? Was it an oversight or a marital slight?

But I'm with you, Susan. Otherwise it was outa da park!

Clyde said...

I completely agree. Now let's just hope she convinced those holdout Clinton supporters that, "No Way, No How, No McCain!

crystal said...

It was really good. Wish she had won.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Drop Bill, Hillary. Word from one mother to another.