Saturday, August 09, 2008

What Katie said

Katie Sherrod -- writer, producer, editor and prophetic voice-in-the-wilderness-of-the-diocese-of-fort-worth has done it again.

Don't miss her brilliant analysis of Lambeth 2008:

That Wild Uncontrollable Force just posted on her blog, Desert's Child. Here's an excerpt:

It seems that the Lambeth Conference Design Team, in designing a conference that built on relationships and avoided up or down votes, has indeed pitched a wild card into the plans of Archbishop Williams.

Because the bishops of the Anglican Communion learned many things at Lambeth, and among them is the fact that when any group insists that their process must result in winners and losers, everyone loses. As one observer noted, “It is not a bad thing to live and work together without resolution - walking by faith and not by sight.”

The bishops have begun to understand that they don’t have to “fix” everything, that they can talk together about things that they disagree on, talk about difficult subjects, and still love one another.It is this, that wild uncontrollable force called Christian love, that gives me hope for the Anglican Communion.

Do read it all .. and give thanks with me for the work and witness of Katie Sherrod!

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