Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another inch

Excerpts from a note to Phil Groves (facilitator of the Anglican Communion Listening Process) as posted on Walking With Integrity:

I am serving the people of the Diocese of Amritsar, Church of North India, in the states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. I came to attend the Lambeth Conference with lot of questions in my mind about the issue of human sexuality as I knew this issue has threatened the unity in the Anglican Communion. Coming from a conservative back-ground I was not even prepared to listen to any person who supported the gay and lesbian people.

However, the Indaba experience has changed my opinion. After listening to the stories of bishops coming from different cultural contexts I have become aware of the pain and agony people have bear because of our attitude towards each other. Further, I am convinced that despite their different and often opposite positions all are committed to live and grow within the Anglican family. The binding force in a family is love.

I have decided not to be hasty in judging the gay and the lesbians. I wish to learn more about their life and problems. I have also decided to regularly pray for them. I wish to encourage the other members of the Anglican Communion to do the same.

Bishop P.K.Samantaroy
Punjab INDIA


Fran said...

Another inch is right. Thanks for posting this. It is hard to be patient but it is better than rigidity or rejection. This means something, so we hope and pray.

Richard said...

I read the whole letter earlier today and found it refreshing that this bishop had the courage to come forward with his thoughts and willingness to "listen" further to us. I may want a mile, but I'll take an inch any day.

DerekMcKernan said...

Gloriaaaa in excelsis deeeeeooooo!

Mikey said...

Wow, and he got his information only from the hetero Bishops. Imagine how many might have been converted had open LGBT Christians, or dare I say it, +Gene Robinson, been allowed to have voice.

JimB said...

Jesus laughs with joy when one of his followers learns that love not law is the whole point of the relationship between God and people, as well as between people.