Thursday, August 28, 2008

Woman in the pulpit ...

... considered "virus" by some evangelicals.

(AKA the "Girl Cooties" are back!)

From a story in the Dallas Morning News about the debut of a woman preacher at Irving Bible Church this Sunday:

"If the Bible is not true and authoritative on the roles of men and women, then maybe the Bible will not be finally true on premarital sex, the homosexual issue, adultery or any other moral issue," he said. "I believe this issue is the carrier of a virus by which liberalism will enter the evangelical church."

OR ... "this issue" could be the bearer of good news of the inclusive love of a God whose embrace extends beyond bias and bigotry by which liberation will be proclaimed to the captive, freedom to the oppressed and sight to those blind to the sin of sexism.



Kirkepiscatoid said...

Well, at least we now know girl cooties are viral, not bacterial. Sigh.

Fran said...

Today I had lunch with someone that I know from church who was on and on about how women did not have leadership roles in the early church.

I challenged her a bit, but that was going nowhere.

So I am glad to come home and avail myself of your blog and others in general... and this post specifically.

I am proud to have girl cooties. Jesus gave them to me with grace, power and love... it is how God made me!

Fr Craig said...

I'm always amazed that such 'serious Christians' have faith so shallow. "if the creation story isn't 'true' then how can I believe in Jesus?" sheesh...

Kay & Sarah said...

Whoa!! A virus that causes good things. I hope it is very contagious.