Friday, August 01, 2008

From the mouths of cab drivers ...

So I'm taking what seems like my eleventeen hundredth cab ride up the hill to the University of Kent from my hotel. My cab driver is the chatty sort and asks if I'm a bishop. "No," I answer. "I'm just a priest from California here to keep an eye on the bishops."

"Good for you, love," he says. "Somebody should."

He pauses and then says,

"I'll tell you what, I'm not as church going a bloke as I ought to be, but one thing I know dead certain ... if Jesus was to show up in Canterbury this week he'd be spending less time parading around with the bishops on the hill and more time with the people in the pubs."

And there you have it ... the sermon for the day. (Let those with ears to hear, listen.)


Rick+ said...

How delightful! Amen and amen.
Thank you for all you're doing, Susan!

Fr Craig said...

Amen indeed! that's MY Jesus!
Thanks, Susan, for who you are and all that you do.

Brother David said...

He might well even enjoy a pint or two.

Or, better still, perhaps an imported Carta Blanca. Icy cold is best.

Jane R said...

He's right! Bless his heart - and yours.

David said...

Amen to your sensible cabbie! :)

Nathan Empsall said...

Better to have church in the alehouse than ale in the church! I wish I could have a cabbie like that. :D

Lisa Fox said...

The old adage "Out of the mouths of babes ..." is hereby revised forever to "Out of the mouths of cabbies ...."

Another amen!

But an aside: You folks are missing the "plain sense of Scripture": Jesus clearly would have been with the wine-drinkers, not the beer-drinkers. ;-)