Thursday, July 28, 2011

If this is what "traditional family values" look like then thanks but no thanks!

You may think they can't sink any lower ... that the rank hypocrisy of the bunch even John McCain is now calling the "tea party hobbits" holding this country hostage to their ignorant absolutist obsession with the debt ceiling can't get any worse.

But wait. There's more. There's this clip of Representative Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) ... a freshman congressman who has been out in front as a spokesperson for what my friend Jim has called the "Teajadist Movement" during the budget crisis. Turns out Mr. Walsh is as bad at managing his own money as he is at figuring out how to manage ours. Turns out he owes ... wait for it ... $117,000 in back CHILD SUPPORT.


Watch him here in action. And then ask yourself: Really, America. We can't do better than this????


JimB said...

Yeah ain't he a peach? Another family values Republican with morals that would appall any rational observer.



Lawrence O'Donnell banned him from his show on MSNBC and I turned off CNN this morning when they were wasting air time by letting him spout off about how President Obama is financially irrepsonsible. SERIOUSLY!