Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#repealDOMA Hearings Held by Senate Judiciary Committee

It started at 6:45am Pacific time ... so I was up early to watch online and was deeply grateful that the hearings WERE online (thank you, Senate Judiciary Committee!) I've now got a hospital visit to make, meetings to go to, two pastoral appointments and a power-point to work on for Sunday so my reflections on this morning will have to wait for later.

But this I wanted to get up before I take off for the day. Thanks to our friends at "Think Progress" -- who captured the moment and got it up on YouTube -- you, too, can enjoy what were arguably two of the best moment of an excellent hearing ... Senator Franken explaining to the Focus on the Family witness the definition of "nuclear family." (We used to have a president who couldn't pronounce nuclear ... now we have these guys who can't define it. Seriously!)

And then there was Senator Leahy getting the same FOF guy to admit that DOMA disadvantages children of same sex married parents.

If this is the best they can do, no wonder they didn't want the Prop 8 trial tapes to be released! More later, alligators!


Jay Johnson said...

These are great examples of exactly what you noted, Susan -- the "other side" basically has nothing to say. Their arguments are incoherent, factually wrong, historically delusional, and (not least) mostly void of compassion. Marriage equality is, in short, a no-brainer.

MarkBrunson said...

Good Lord! What a lousy witness.

Now that I've finally had time to watch this, I've got to wonder if the anti-marriage lot are so delusional they really believe their nonsense about ssm being self-evidently harmful?

This "expert" witness really seems taken aback that anybody might have, oh . . . thought about what he's written or considered that he might be wrong that it leaves him stuttering and squirming. It's patently obvious that he simply has not considered there might be a clear and simple counter-argument.