Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's never the wrong time to say thank you!

I can't believe it's already Wednesday and I'm finally getting to this! It was on the top of my "to do after Sunday" blog list ... and I just unburied the list from my desk. But -- as my mother would say -- it's never too late to send that thank you note ... better later than never ... so remember your manners and use the links below to join with others across the church in saying thank you to this "Gang of Four" New York Bishops!

On Sunday when civil marriage equality came to the State of New York four New York Bishops led the way on marriage equality by authorizing the clergy in their dioceses to both bless and solemnize same-sex marriages.

Pictured left, those bishops are:

Adams (Central New York)
Franklin (Western New York)
(Long Island)
Singh (Rochester)

If you're a "Facebook person" go to the "THANK YOU" page set up here to say thank you to these prophetic leaders.

If not -- or in addition -- please do consider an email or snail mail thank you note to give thanks for their witness for equality and pray that others might go and do likewise! Click on the links above for email addresses or visit the diocese websites for snail mail. Either way, make your voice heard and make your mother proud by sending a thank you note today!

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Daniel Weir said...

I pleased that my Bishop, Bill Franklin, took this step.