Monday, July 11, 2011

NOM(D) -- National Organization for Marriage Discrimination -- Launches NY Campaign

It's called NOM and it bills itself as the National Organization for Marriage ... and it was one of the driving forces behind the effort to unconstitutionally write discrimination into the California Constitution via the 2008 Prop 8 campaign. Which is why I'm advocating for a name change to NOM(D) ... National Organization for Marriage Discrimination.

It is a much more fitting name for an organization that embraces lying-through-your-teeth as a Biblical Value and promotes Family Values that devalue gay and lesbian families; for a deeply homophobic enterprise that has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting marriage and everything to do with perpetuating bigotry.

And now they're turning their sights on New York ... launching a campaign with this fundraising letter to oust what they're calling "pro-equality Republicans." (Because being in favor of equality is a bad thing?) Check it out:
Republicans ... sold out the party's base, the party's principles, and the timeless institution of marriage. They imposed gay marriage without a vote of the people!
Newsflash for the National Organization for Marriage Discrimination:
  • The poll numbers tell us even "the base" is tired of the Chicken Little Culture Wars around LGBT equality

  • The historic principles of the GOP (and I was a registered Republican until 1992 so I know of which I speak) tell us they do NOT include writing discrimination into the Constitution (see also Barry Goldwater ... for example)

  • And history tells us "the timeless institution of marriage" has evolved down through history from a property transaction between two men (father selling daughter to husband) to the commitment of two people to love, honor and cherish until death do they part.
It's time for a Protect Marriage Movement that protects ALL marriages and a Family Values Coalition that values ALL families.

Call the NOM(D) on it's crap whenever and wherever you can ... Letters to the Editors; Comments on news blogs; Twitter, Facebook, Whatever.

Stand up. Speak out. Together we can:

End the lies.

End the madness.

End the discrimination.

(Maybe it's time to start NOAM -- the National Organization for ALL Marriages! Anybody in?)

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Patricia Brush said...

I read NOM(D)'s letter, and I read the comments section that follows.

There are a lot of commenters who are incredibly uneducated as to what the Bible says or what the US Constitution says, but who have extreme views on the matter. It makes me sad to know that people are living with this much unnecessary hatred and fear.

There are several gay or gay champion commenters doing their best. (So, since they are on the side of good, are they trolls?)

I hesitated about weighing in. They are so entrenched in their beliefs, they couldn't see the truth if it smacked them between the eyes.