Monday, July 11, 2011

NOAM: National Organization for All Marriages

There are lots of great organizations working toward LGBT Equality but I figure there's room for JUST one more.

I'm calling it NOAM ... the National Organization for ALL Marriages ... and hope we can get a little buzz going as we just raise up our hands together in support of the proposition that ALL marriages are created equal.

I hope we can pool our prayers, our advocacy and our energy toward supporting the Respect for Marriage Act (wending its way through Congress).

I hope we can also keep our eye on Maggie Gallagher and her National Organization for Marriage Discrimination (AKA "NOM") which is currently fundraising to remove pro-equality Republicans from office in New York. (Because we certainly don't want values like EQUALITY to catch on for heaven's sake. What kind of country do they think this is, anyway? One conceived in liberty or something?)

So jump on board! Watch this blog for upcoming events and opportunities for advocacy. And if you're a Facebook person click here to come join us. The more the merrier!


IT said...

I will link from Gay Married Californian.


What’s the divorce lawyers’ favorite song?
“Here Comes The Bride.”


And your point would be?

IT said...

Apparently you can make a badge for this page, that we can then all put on our sidebars. Click here: