Friday, August 13, 2010

I just KNEW it!!!!!

This just in from from Boston:
Stephanie Miller, a radio talkshow host, came out to her audience on her Friday, Aug. 13, program.

What makes Miller unique is her personal background. She is the daughter of U.S. Rep. William Miller, who was the running mate of über-conservative Barry Goldwater (who was himself a very late-in-life convert to gay causes) and chaired the GOP's national committee.
I've been listening to Stephanie since she was on local L.A. radio back in the 90's and loved, loved, loved her on AirAmerica.

And may I just say: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! Welcome "out" girlfriend ... we are now OFFICIALLY "family!"


swpp said...

Well, I didn't "knew it" (even after years of listening), but it was very cool indeed !

Christian Paolino said...

Wow, I remember her from Howard and Stephanie in the Morning on Hot-97 in New York in the early 'nineties. I wrote to her when she appeared on Air America and asked if she was the same person. She replied that she was, almost sheepishly (she was apparently not showcasing that portion of her career at that time) but it was still a nice note. I wish her the best.

Paul said...

I listen to her on my work commute and missed that segment but read about it at work. So glad she did it. Love her show and I rejoice for her.