Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why churches fear gay marriage -- by Richard Rodriguez

A "must read" by Richard Rodriguez in the archives:
While conservative churches are busy trying to whip up another round of culture wars over same-sex marriage, Rodriguez says the real reason for their panic lies elsewhere: the breakdown of the traditional heterosexual family and the shifting role of women in society and the church itself. As the American family fractures and the majority of women choose to live without men, churches are losing their grip on power and scapegoating gays and lesbians for their failures.
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Br. Anselm Philip King-Lowe, OSB said...

There is a quote from Gray Temple's book "Gay Unions In Light of Scripture, Tradition and Reason" that I think is really interesting.

"...the church's traditional role as supervisor of the sexual currency is nearly over--and that scares us. That may account for the church's relentless preoccupation with sex: abortion, birth control, divorce, and homosexuality. Where is the church's voice on issues much more central to the heart of God as reflected in the scriptures, issues such as war and peace, economic justice, and the beauty of the Earth? Most Americanss, including most Christians, think religion is mostly about sexual repression." (Page 151).

What do you think of that? I think for most conservatives it is just another sign that they are loosing control to be "supervisor of sexual currency." I am interested in your perspective.