Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Rock on Rabbi!

One of the greatest joys of the work I am privileged to do are the people I'm privileged to do it with. And one of those amazing people is Rabbi Denise Eger.

From one of the L.A. Times reports on today's Prop 8 court decision:

In Los Angeles, Rabbi Denise Eger, president of the Southern California Board of Rabbis, hailed the ruling but was waiting to hear whether it would be stayed.

“I don’t think anybody’s quite clear yet on whether it means that weddings can happen,” she said a short time after the ruling was handed down. “That’s the big question, whether I as a rabbi can start officiating.”

Eger, who is married to a woman, is rabbi of Congregation Kol Ami in West Hollywood, which has a large gay and lesbian membership.

“Here’s my advice to those who have theological trouble with gay and lesbians getting married,” she said. “In our country, marriage is very much a civil right, and yet we also ensure freedom of religion -- and freedom from religion.

"And so while there are those who are more theologically to the right wing, theologically conservative, who would not support marriage for gay people from their theological perspective, the answer is: They don’t have to do them," she continued. "They have their freedom of religion in our country not to officiate. … For those of us who are theologically progressive, we also have the freedom of our religion to practice our values.”

“So it’s a very joyous day,” she said. “And I know there were many couples who wanted to get married who … are ready and I look forward to standing under the chuppah with them,” referring to the canopy used in Jewish weddings.


Fran said...

My friends Peter and Jeff (Peter is RC but Jeff is Jewish) go to Kol Ami and they LOVE her.

She seems like a great person and rabbi.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Women who are Rabbi's totally rock. How lucky are you to work with her? How lucky is she to work with you?

Mazel tov!