Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yep ... interesting times, all right!

I am once again loving the in-flight wifi on American Airlines. It's great for getting caught up on news, blogs and email.

Here's one that I just saw from today's L.A. Times about Prop 8 and the Supreme Court. You'll want to read it all ... it's by Harvard Law professor Michael Klarman -- the author of "From Jim Crow to Civil Rights: The Supreme Court and the Struggle for Racial Equality," which won the 2005 Bancroft Prize.

But here's the bottom line:
Although it would be mildly out of character for Kennedy to interpret the Constitution to impose the views of a mere handful of states on the entire nation, by the time a gay marriage case reaches the court, several additional states may be permitting same-sex couples to marry. Moreover, Kennedy can read handwriting on the wall as well as anyone else. What better way is there to win the plaudits of future generations of Americans than to author the Supreme Court opinion eradicating one of the last formal barriers to equal citizenship for gays and lesbians?
Whoever it is who's been praying for us to live in interesting times, it seems to be working!


IT said...

Great piece in the LATimes. But then I made the mistake of reading the readers' comments and now I feel like I stepped in something unpleasant.

musculars said...


It's pretty ugly out there most everywhere in the comment section.
I wonder if this is actually going beyond California or the Western region of the court since the Governor and Attorney General agree with Judge Walkers ruling the backers of prop 8 may not have standing.