Friday, July 03, 2009

ALL the baptized!

As I'm finishing packing this morning and getting ready to head over to Anaheim, here's yesterday's IntegriTV video ... reminding me -- at least in part -- why it is we're doing what we're doing over these next two weeks:


Doug said...

Changing minds by personal experience. What a concept! That was just beautiful. Thanks for these daily reminders of what we all need to be working for!

Pat Klemme said...

My prayer is that this family will be supported by the whole of TEC through affirmative changes at GC2009. The hardened cynic in me fears the children will soon enough learn that the love and support of their home parish cannot protect them from the bitter truth of "Christianity" as practiced by TEC. I remain a follower of Christ, but I still await full inclusion in TEC.