Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday in the House of Deputies

I'm in the House of Deputies where they are wending their way through a long agenda that includes elections to various boards, councils and committees; debating pension equity for lay employees; and getting ready for a joint meeting with the House of Bishops on "The Budget."

So I've been websurfing and thought I'd post some links to pieces in the press about the work we're doing here in Anaheim:

Associated Press: Gay clergy eligible for all ordained ministry
LA Times: Episcopal leaders vote to lift ban on gay bishops
NPR: What will follow Episcopalian vote for gay clergy?
CNN: Episcopal Church moves to accept more gays and lesbians.
Guardian (UK): Episcopals vote for inclusion
BBC: U.S. Church drops gay bishops ban
USA Today: Clash over gay bishops, blessings ripple across the Atlantic
Airtalk with Larry Mantle: Episcopal Church approves of gay bishops

(Note: I notice with some amusement that the photo illustrating the USA TODAY article is of my rector -- Ed Bacon -- and does not appear to be directly related to the topic at hand by anything other than the fact that he's an Episcopal priest and looks cute in his alb and stole.)


Unknown said...

I always wondered why conventions - general and diocesan - don't have an administrative calendar for approving stuff like that by unanimous consent and with precious little debate. The time I attended our diocesan convention, I was struck by how much time is wasted on really boring things.

Pat Klemme said...

I never cease to marvel at the press's interpretations of resolutions. If there were far fewer speculations about meaning in print and on line, there might be far fewer misunderstandings amongst our divergent Anglican selves.

At the bottom of the article, there's a caption and credit for the photo--and it does tie in with the article nicely.