Monday, July 20, 2009

What a difference three years makes!

If you need a reminder of how far we've come, check this out: four minutes of Susan Russell ranting on the last day of General Convention 2006 (captured by our friends at Stand Firm and preserved for posterity on YouTube:)

This was JUST after the vote for B033 -- and (as you'll note) as disgusted as I was with that "revolting development," the greater issue was how utterly the church had failed to address anything of substance -- allowing itself to be so hamstrung by our differences over human sexuality that we never even GOT to over 200 resolutions on other gospel issues crying for our attention.

What a difference three years makes!

As noted in Saturday's legislative wrap up, "Unlike our last two General Conventions, where the resolutions regarding human sexuality so consumed our legislative process that there was precious little left for anything else, this 76th General Convention worked long, hard and diligently to “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God” – acting on everything from lay equity in pension plans to ending torture; on labor issues and human rights violations; on universal health care and climate change; on human trafficking and ending the blockade in Cuba."

A list of all the General Convention 2009 legislation should be available here before too long -- and if you want a full report, drop by All Saints Church next Sunday as the chair of our L.A. Deputation -- Canon James Blair White -- will be making his report to the parish during our 10:15 adult education hour.

Suffice to say we have turned a corner in the Episcopal Church, and on this "Monday After" there is MUCH to rejoice and be glad in!


Unknown said...

Any joy I have is tempered with the reality that here in the Diocese of North Dakota absolutely nothing has changed or will change. Andrew Fairfield (i.e., dissenting opinion at Bp Walter Righter's trial) reigned before the present Windsor-compliant Michael Smith. And, because he is more like a Roman-Catholic-I-rule-the-roost bishop than an Episcopal bishop, people who moderately support GLBT persons cow-tow to him in order that they might exercise various ministries throughout the diocese. If anything, the anti-GLBT, Windsor-compliant rhetoric will increase during the next three years.

Thus, on the Monday after General Convention, not much has changed here in North Dakota, not much at all.

IT said...

There's either a weird hiccup in that video or they edited it to disagree with you.


IT ... that's just the StandFirmites being "clever" ... Greg wanted asked me a question about "homosexuals" and I said, "I didn't say that, Greg" ... and then they repeat my referring to "the gay and lesbian baptized" ... actually making my point.

Bless their hearts!

IT said...

Petty people, aren't they? Sad, sad.

BTW I have a summary of what the Bp of San Diego said at a forum tihs weekend, posted over at Friends.

uffda51 said...

One of the You-Tube posters accuses

“bishop schorri
rev susan russell
bishop gene robinson”
“[greaious (sic) sinful hereticle (sic) teaching”

The 200+ pieces of legislation concerning genocide, evangelism, the environment, children, Iraq, etc. that were pushed aside by the obsession with our place in the AC aren’t mentioned by the interviewers or the posters.

And Stand Firm believes that all of this somehow reflects favorably on them?