Friday, July 03, 2009

IntegriTV: LGBT Family Values

The Rev. Rachel Nyback focuses on her family -- a family that incarnates "traditional family values" of loving, nurturing and supporting each other in good times and bad. [YouTube link]

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Katie B said...

This IntergriTV videos keep making me cry. Now, it is not particularly difficult to make me cry but still. Oh and just for the record: I am from a VERY traditional family (well my mother is at least) so traditional in fact that those who advocate for "traditional family values" try to ignore them. My grandparents were the first ones in their families NOT TO HAVE AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE. My grandmother lost her dowry as a result (which was suppossed to be the gift of a rich aunt since her father had died when she was a baby and everyone assumed neither she nor her sister could marry without one). The only reason their families didn't disown them was because of a very kind,very old, very Greek, very traditional-in-every-other-way priest who saw that the tide was turning and that marriage should be about love. If you ask me, this man was doing the work of God and his Church (capital C).

I see no difference between what that old priest told my grandparent's families and what you all are doing now. And I am sure it is God's work. I must say though hanging out with you Episcopalians can be stressful :).