Tuesday, July 14, 2009

General Convention Says "Amen" to Inclusion

ANAHEIM, CA (July 14, 2009)--The House of Deputies reiterated its overwhelming support for the full inclusion of all the baptized in all orders of ministry by concurring with resolution DO25 as amended by the House of Bishops.

"Today's action put the 'Amen' at the end of one of the prayers we have prayed for an inclusive church--ending the BO33 'season' by stating unequivocally that the LGBT baptized can and will have equal access to ordination processes in the Episcopal Church," said the Reverend Susan Russell, president of Integrity USA.
"Our Lord told us that 'the truth will set us free'--and what this General Convention has done is to tell the truth that will set the Episcopal Church free for mission and ministry."

"We rejoice in this powerful witness to the Gospel and to God's inclusive love, and we urge the House of Bishops to continue in the spirit of truth and unity as they work on resolution C056 so that the General Convention will send us out from Anaheim with the same kind of clarity about the blessing of same-sex relationships."


In other news, the House of Bishops began debate on CO56 -- a resolution intended to address the issue of same-sex blessings with the same kind of clarity that DO25 addressed ordinations. The debate was suspended and postponed to a "time certain" on Wednesday afternoon to allow the bishops time for further reflection and conversation. (At least that's how I heard it.)


Unknown said...

Are we at the mountaintop, looking over into the promised land?

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz said...

Thank you. The ramifications of your great efforts and indeed prayers are far more reaching far beyond the Episcopal Church members. It is the light of truth that will shine around the world and through the ages to come. My work on the Thalamus Center is about very young children who grow up LGBT. You and all the many people who worked endlessly on this effort are touching the lives of children, so many children and people you have never met. This one effort will continue to increase the human potential in the world more than any of us know. You are standing on holy ground, because you are doing the work of Christ. May you continue the good work that God has started in you.

In deepest gratitude, Marty

Allen said...

The word verification is "endslog"! I pray that it's true that we are near an end to this long long slog.

I pray that enough bishops find the courage this afternoon to do the right thing.

Thank you, Susan, for your dedication and hard work.

Rev. David Justin Lynch said...

Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things. With His own right hand and His holy arm, hath gotten Himself the victory.

BJ said...

Oh, yes, I think we are at the mountaintop, BUT there is a great deal of fog still blocking the promised land.

Unknown said...

In case anyone is interested, the Washington Post's religion blog today features an article by some Brit Bishop lambasting the Episcopal Church for fostering schism. I commented and was attacked. I'm returning fire. Anyone who is of a mind to, join in the fun!

LGMarshall said...

You've finally hammered out your true Beliefs and have positioned yourselves exactly where you want to be. But...How are your beliefs and tenents different than Paganisim (godess-nature worship) and Wicca Earth Worship beliefs?

SexyClassicist said...

@ LGMarshall. I am not (there probably should be a "yet" here) an Episcopalian; just a refugee of sorts that they have kindly taken in. I don't want to speak for anyone so I won't give you a point by point run down of theological questions at which TEC parts ways with Wiccans. Frankly though, I also think it would be unnecessary. I always thought that the purpose of religion, all religion, was to reminded us of the ways in which we are connected to all other people and to the Divine. Proving yourself to be radically different than other people seems an odd way to prove your faith. Just a thought :)

WilliamK said...

How are your beliefs and tenents different than Paganisim (godess-nature worship) and Wicca Earth Worship beliefs?

Oh, pu-LEEZ! LGM, do you really, honestly believe that decisions to include all the baptized in all the sacraments amount to pagan nature-worship? REALLY?????

But...a serious answer to a question I find it hard to take seriously:

Our beliefs and tenents differ from pagan nature-worship because we believe in the Triune God, creator of heaven and earth, etc., in the Second Person of the Triune Godhead who became incarnate of the Virgin Mary, suffered, died, rose again... and so on. None of that was changed by the decisions that declared the full inclusion of those who have been baptized in the Name of the Triune God.

"Wicca Earth Worship"? SIGH!

uffda51 said...

I read about this in the New York Times while waiting for a flight in the Seattle airport. I've since heard that the Integrity Eucharist was very well attended. Wish I could have been there to hear our own wonderful ASC choirs.