Thursday, July 02, 2009

"My mama done told me ..."


And your mama probably told you the same thing!

So here's a chance to make ALL our mamas proud and happy ... and email some "thank you notes" to the bishops who are so courageously leading the charge to move beyond B033 in the House of Bishops in Anaheim starting next week.

In case you missed the video, click here and check it out.

Then use the links below to send your thanks to these valiant allies in the struggle for justice and the full inclusion of all the baptized in the Body of Christ:

The Right Reverend Bruce Caldwell, Wyoming
The Right Reverend Tom Ely, Vermont
The Right Reverend Stephen Lane, Maine
The Right Reverend Gayle Harris, Massachusetts
The Right Reverend Prince Singh, Rochester

There! Don't you feel happier? (I knew it! Because when mama's happy ... :)

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IT said...


Due to a last-minute change in the schedule for GC, the meetup time for the followers of Fr jake have changed. The revised plan (still on July 10th):
I. Meetup begins at the No-host bar/reception, promenade, outside the Pacific Ballroom, Hilton Hotel, 6.00. (If you get there early, check the Atrium bar in the hotel lobby)

II. Join at the Integrity Eucharist, Pacific Ballroom, Hilton Hotel, 7.30.

III. After the Eucharist: Bar Louie in the Anaheim Garden Walk, 321 Katella Ave.

More info at Friends go to Anaheim