Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here I Am: Send Me!!

If you missed our "message to the Archbishop of Canterbury" video, there's no time like the present to click here and watch it ... it's less than 3 minutes.

And now ... as a follow up ... kind of like the late night "... but wait, there's more!" TV commercials ... are these fabulous t shirts:

If you're here in Anaheim, they'll be available -- on a first come, first served basis -- at the Integrity Booth (under the Consultation banner) and in the All Saints, Pasadena booth (#100-102) on Wednesday afternoon.

Stop by -- pick yours up -- ($5 suggested donation) -- and then join us in offering a colorful welcome to the Archbishop of Cantebury when he joins us for worship on Thursday.

1 – We’re debuting our shirts at the 11:30 a.m. Eucharist on Thursday morning – please help by keeping yours “under wraps” until then.

2 – After we make our colorful witness at the 11:30 service, please join us for a brief “photo op” out in front of the Convention Center immediately following the service.

Because the LGBT baptized (and our valiant straight allies!) are not objects to be sacrificed ... we are witnesses to be mobilized!

Here We Are: Send US!


Patricia Brush said...

How do we get the t-shirts if we aren't in Anaheim. This would be a fine companion to my Integrity Ottawa bright pink shirt that reads "God Thinks I'm Fabulous".

Lindy said...

Right, right, right... I love that message. I am tired of begging for a blessing, I'm ready to be one. Tell the ABC! Let him know.

Karen said...

How can we get a bunch for the folks who are not here & are from St. Mark's Richmond, VA? Would love to do so.

Phyllis Amenda said...

We would love a box of shirts for Central New York! I'd love to have them for our diocesan convention in November when the PB comes. How can we order some?