Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Three Cheers for the Bishops!

Yes, I'm talking about the bishops -- our bishops -- the bishops of the Episcopal Church. You remember them.

The ones EVERYBODY "knew" were coming to Anaheim not to do anything. The ones who were going to stonewall anything having to do with moving forward on full inclusion.

The ones who had their spines removed at their consecrations and were never going to stand up to the Archbishop of Canterbury and his "preference" that we stop being a bother to the rest of the communion by insisting that our baptismal covenant actually means something and by listening to that unfortunate gospel that tells us the truth will set us free.

Those bishops.

The ones who two days ago -- against all predictions -- voted 99-45 (with 2 abstentions) to move beyond BO33 and clear the way for partnered gay or lesbian candidates for bishop.
Today they were back ... and THIS time the vote was 104-30 (with the same 2 abstentions) on CO56: -- a resolution to "acknowledge changing circumstances" that call forth a renewed pastoral response from the church for considering same-gender blessings.
It is NOT "the whole enchilada" -- and there's lots of work still to do before we reach that "full inclusion" place we're headed for.
And ... we're moving forward.

In spite of the dire predictions of some. In the face of the direct opposition of others. We ARE moving forward. .

My "thought for the day" on this 8th Day of General Convention was one that came to me via email this morning and I sent it out to a whole whack of people before I left for the convention center:
"Successful politics is often the art of the possible
rather than the achievement of perfection."

Our bishops didn't achieve perfection today. But they sure as heck expanded the "art of the possible" for LGBT couples AND for the church.

Tomorrow it goes to Deputies. But for now ... three cheers for the bishops!


SCG said...

I agree with you and all your points. And I was one who had thought our Bishops would disappoint, and would leave us,the LGBT faithful community, on the Island of Misfit Toys again.
And now I pray God's Holy Spirit will go to work on my bishop who voted with the minority and is refusing the heart transplant.
Pray for those living in dioceses that would rather struggle and fight than accept and move on.

Pat Klemme said...

Amen Ba-wo, Amen Ba-wo!
Amen sia kudu misa!!
Glory be to God on high!

PseudoPiskie said...

Our baby bishop is a big disappointment. Is it possible to see who voted how in the HoD somewhere?