Friday, July 31, 2009

On the road

We're off on a road trip to Colorado to visit family ... Denver via Aspen and then home through Vegas. ("The Lion King" ... Whoopee!)

Blogging will therefore be sporadic ... but do keep an eye on the dioceses of Minnesota and Los Angeles ... both due to announce their slate of candidates for episcopal elections in the next few days. And keep ALL who discern God's call for ministry in your prayers ... that the gospel might be served and that all who seek a place at the table will find God's abundant love and welcome made known by this church that is the Body of Christ on earth!

And now, hi-ho, hi-ho ... it's off on vacation we go!


Katie B said...

Say "Hi" to Colorado for me! Denver is my hometown.

Unknown said...

You're driving?!?

susankay said...

Susan -- any chance you will be going through the "Four Corners" ?-- We'd love to welcome you at our house and Integrity Four Corners could get together a pot luck -- or you might just enjoy being on vacation. This is a private note and if you have the energy to respond -- I am

Sue - Duluth, MN said...

MN has announced their candidates, three very diverse individuals including a woman in a partnered relationship. More info is available at: