Monday, May 19, 2008

BCGLM Garden Party Pictures

Trying out a new trick here ... this SHOULD be a link to pictures of yesterday's Diocese of Los Angeles BCGLM (Bishop's Commission on Gay & Lesbian Ministry) Garden Party at the Bishop's Residence.

Or check out the slide show:


Dante said...

Susan, is there anyway to get one of the 2008 Pride Shirts?


Lindy said...

It's a great shirt but it really should say "The Diocese of Los Angeles Welcomes You," because The Episcopal Church doesn't.

I really wish that we could just be honest about that. Going around saying The Episcopal Church Welcomes You perpetuates the false idea that the whole church is a welcoming place for GLBT people when in fact is it not even safe in many places.

I rejoice in the gains made in the Diocese of Los Angeles but pretending that Los Angeles and Newark are the whole church is neither honest nor healthy. There has to be a way to motivate people in other diocese to work for change too.

Sandy said...

Re: Dee Tavolaro's comment...

Please answer! I'd also like to know where/when the shirts are/will be available!

And just a short comment on TEC being welcoming...

Although I am a part of the LA diocese, and yes, my previous contact with TEC happened to be with a congregation in the Newark diocese, I don't believe these are the only places where we are welcome. The official stance of TEC is that we are all God's children and that all baptized persons have full access to all that the church has to offer. I believe that along with full access comes the responsibility to stand up within the church and actively work for change - for growth - until the entire church is seen living into its committment to welcome us all.