Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So much for the "undermining marriage" argument

Thanks to All Saints parishioner Jack for pointing me to this blog post referencing marriage in general and All Saints in particular.

Margie and I were married at All Saints Episcopal in Pasadena, California. It was not either of our "parish" churches -- I was new to being an Episcopalian (and living in Colorado), and for Margie it was a matter of various convenience factors.

All Saints is a large and lovely church, and its congregation is noted as progressive and liberal. And over the past few years they were involved in (and exonerated from) a big IRS brouhaha over whether they had violated their tax-exempt status by talking about politics.

Now they're making a splash again: Church to begin same-sex nuptials

As someone who was married before that same altar, I will state categorically that I do not feel that my own marriage is at all threatened, cheapened, or changed by the decision -- except that it means that more loving, mature couples will be able to pledge their commitment to each other before God at the same place, which can only be (to my mind) a good thing.

Well said!

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