Monday, May 26, 2008

"To nourish all people from the riches of God's grace"

My rector, Ed Bacon, began his sermon yesterday with the announcement of the All Saints vestry's resolution on marriage equality. Here's that portion of the sermon on YouTube:

  • The sermon, entitled "Spiritual Practices for the Weary" can be viewed here.
  • The May 22nd resolution of the vestry is available here.


Unknown said...

Susan, is there a transcript available?

Unknown said...

Wow! We in the anglican church in the UK have so far to go. I'm still battling prejudice because I'm a woman and dare to be an ordained priest! My Bishop believes I "taint" him. Maybe I should consider moving to the US. Congratulations All Saint's my prayers are with you.



john ... There will be. It usually takes about a week to get Ed's sermons transcribed and posted on our website;

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Thanks be to God for the commitment to the vision of the justice of God as embodied in Christ Jesus and the leadership of ASP.