Monday, May 26, 2008

Enough is enough!

I'm supposed to be taking a "day off" and cleaning closets and organizing for summer but ...

... once I heard about this YouTube from FOX News yesterday I had to see it for myself and ... well ... see for yourself.

Maybe it's because we watched "Recount" last night and I'm horrified all over again about what happened in the 2000 election and how perverted our political system can be OR maybe it's because I spent the morning in the most AMAZINGLY moving interfaith Memorial Day service and caught a glimpse of how the world COULD be. Whatever.

Enough is enough! What do we have to do to take our country back, our values back, our media back and start being the peacemakers we're called to be?

I'm going back to folding laundry and cleaning out closets again ... but I'm TOTALLY not done with this one.



Unknown said...

You know, Susan; you don't have to watch Fixed News; you could give yourself paper cuts and bathe your fingers in lemon juice instead!


ROBERTA said...

i truly could not believe my ears and had to play it twice.....i feel sick to my stomach....sigh....

JimB said...

What in the world was the context for THAT? What a dreadful ugly thing to say!


Muthah+ said...

Does Stand Firm in Faith now have a TV version of their scandal? Jesssh!