Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy!

It's been a VERY busy last-few-days in this particular corner of the kingdom! San Diego was great ... thanks to ALL who showed up to support Integrity's Canterbury Campaign and to share the ongoing celebration of last week's Supreme Court ruling.

While in San Diego, I also got a look at the Bishop of San Diego (Jim Mathes') statement on the Court Decision. The whole statement is here's the "money quote:"

I support the Supreme Court's decision and oppose the likely effort to amend the constitution. At a federal level, the constitution has only been successfully amended to expand rights, not remove them, and it follows that California would maintain a similar posture.

Well done!

And the today was another big-old day at All Saints ... we had a panel discussion during our adult ed hour, looking at the legal & electoral, along with the pastoral & liturgical implications of marriage equality in California. The parish hall was packed ...

... and we had the L.A. Times, the Pasadena Weekly and local Channel 4 News all covering the offering. (Even Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard was there!) Former Senior Warden Bob Long gave us the benefits of his legal-eagle eye-view of the decision ...

... and as soon as we get the video digitized, I'll post a link up with the whole presentation.

Meanwhile, here's one last pix ... our friend Max in last year's L.A. Pride T-Shirt giving his "two thumbs up" to the day and to the decision ...

And now, off to the annual BCGLM Garden Party at the Bishop's Residence ... "film at eleven" ... (like I said: bizzy, bizzy, bizzy!)

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