Thursday, May 08, 2008

Today on TODAY

OK ... I jumped the gun yesterday: +Gene's Today Show segment was TAPED yesterday for airing TODAY.

If you missed it (like I did!) here it is -- courtesy


Brother David said...

Matt is still using +Gene's pre-consecration title; the Rev Canon.

It is unfortunate, and I have not yet checked, but the reasserters are going to be apoplectic once again about mention of physical harm and death threats. The crowd at Stand Firm believe that he is lying, especially after Ruth Gledhill interviewed him in England and pressed him for details and did not get what they view as an acceptable answer. They keep saying that he is playing the martyr and sympathy cards.

I know that he does not always have control over the interviews, but I wish they would leave him alone over that subject. It only makes it worse and perhaps puts him in more danger.


Yep ... he did get the title wrong but other than that, I really liked the piece.

And I disagree about the "harm's way" issue ... I think it's important for +Gene to keep talking about it because it keeps out in front the reality that there are those whose risk a violent response just for being honest about who they are.

As for Ruth Gledhill, et al if they weren't getting their panties in a wad over this issue it would be something else ... the Stand Firmites don't think he's even a CHRISTIAN so how much credence do we want to give those voices?

Hint: NOT!

Mitchell Anderson said...

What an absolutely remarkable man. In my church we've been ordaining queer people since 1988, and we're long past those fights now, I hope and pray that you will be past all this bitterness shortly.